Once Upon A Time, There Was A 60’s Festival


Once upon a time , there was a 60’s Festival. It started in Rossendale in the Autumn of 2013. The people said what a brilliant weekend it was, and it has been happening every year since. Lots of people dress up in 60’s clothes and music, markets, food and drink, art and culture abound.The word has now spread, and visitors flocked to see the many events held throughout the Valley. They travel by train, car, campervan and scooter to experience the cool vibes that flood the valley.

Who are we to disappoint our public? So its back again this year with new events and venues. Just look at what we are offering this year and most events are FREE

Rossendale-60's-programme text

Keep your eye on the blog at http://www.rossendale60sfest.wordpress.com






About Rossendale 60's Festival

The Rossendale 60's Festival is Rossendale Valley wide and includes events in Rawtenstall, Bacup, Haslingden and Whitworth. The Festival’s main aim is to attract and expose visitors to the beauty, heritage and culture of Rossendale. What better way than to create a Festival with a theme that young and old can relate to
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