The Rossendale 60’s Festival Has Even More Fab And Groovy Events For 2017

pete-colette-and-annAnn Hyde, Pete Sweetmore and Colette Butler at TESCO last year

This year’s Rossendale 60’s Festival will be held over the weekend of 8th, 9th and 10th September and has all of last years events and activities confirmed. Thanks to the hard work of the organisers, a number of new events are being added to the programme for 2017. Last year saw the now established events at The Whitaker, Bacup Cricket Club, Artisan, The Crown Inn and The Boo Theatre as follows:

  • The Whitaker Museum and Art Gallery in Rawtenstall will be holding the Festival launch event on Friday 8th, and the ‘Whitstock’ music and culture event on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10
  • Bacup Cricket Club will be holding ‘Scoot Rossendale’ on Sunday 10th, which is expected to attract even more scooters than last year.
  • Artisan in Rawtenstall will be staging music sets throughout the weekend, which will include live bands and DJ sets.
  • The Crown Inn Bacup will be staging and event over the weekend with live music and DJ.
  • The Boo Theatre in Waterfoot will be holding a musical event based on 60’s protest songs from artists such as Bob Dylan and Donavan on Sunday 10th
  • Tesco will be hosting a 60’s themed event on Saturday 9th
  • The Popular Shop Window dressing Competition will be held again.

The following are new events and venues that have been either confirmed or are currently being discussed which are hoped will broaden the appeal of the Festival.

  • Crawshawbooth Village Centre is planning a typical 60’s meal on Friday 8th at the centre and a 60’s themed family fun day on Sunday 10th
  • St Mary’s Chambers is planning an event on Sunday 10th
  • The Clog Market will be holding a themed market on Rawtenstall Town Square on Saturday 9th 
  • Rachael Marsden and Simone Cudworth of the Newchurch Village Community Association are planning an, ‘In the 60’s….’ themed event looking into Newchurch in the 60’s along with other activities over the weekend
  • Discussions have been had to further engage ELR with the Festival. An ELR internal meeting has now taken place and the following is being proposed:
    • They are looking to keep the 60’s theme just at our station at Rawtenstall which will tie in well with the 60’s Festival.
    • At Rawtenstall they are going to look at having 60’s themed beer (mainly 60’s theme beer names rather than beers that were drank in the 60’s)
    • Possibly looking at the availability of a 60’s bus which serves beer from it to be located at the station.
    • They are also going to look at getting music on the train. They are unable to play music through the carriages on the train as they currently haven’t got PA Systems fitted to the carriages, however what they are looking to do is have a brake van on each train which will feature local artists playing – some of which we are hoping can be 60’s themed.
    • They are going to speak with our Operations Department to discuss the possibility of an hourly shuttle from Bury to Rawtenstall running until around 23:00 so people have easier access up to Rawtenstall as they are aware public transport links aren’t great after around 19:00 which hopefully attract more people up to Rawtenstall and the Festival.
    • They will ask their Marketing team to factor the 60’s Festival in their plans when they are promoting the Beer Festival to give us a mentions and also if we create a programme to hand out over the weekend we can look at getting something in there as well.
  • Radio Lancashire’s John Gillmore will be broadcasting his show from The Whitaker Museum on the afternoon of Friday 8th. Guests from the many events and venues that make up the Rossendale 60’s Festival will be invited to appear to promote their events
  • Hare & Hounds at Stacksteads to put on a 60’s themed event.
  • Rawtenstall Conservative Club to have a 60’s extravaganza.

We want to encourage any Pubs, Clubs, Organisations to ‘Get in the Groove’ and set up 60’s themed events and join the 60’s vibe across The Valley. If you are interested or would like advise please contact us at

To keep up to date with what’s happening, check out this blog at


About Rossendale 60's Festival

The Rossendale 60's Festival is Rossendale Valley wide and includes events in Rawtenstall, Bacup, Haslingden and Whitworth. The Festival’s main aim is to attract and expose visitors to the beauty, heritage and culture of Rossendale. What better way than to create a Festival with a theme that young and old can relate to
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