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The Rossendale 60’s Festival was founded by Barry Hyde in 2013, and is now acknowedged by all who have been as one of the premier annual events in the Northwest, and to underline this, The Rossendale 60’s Festival has been shortlisted for the Northern Soul Awards 2017 in the Music Festival of the Year Category. The presentation will be held on 29th June, so fingers crossed. The Festival is now in it’s fifth year and as you will see from the posts from last year, it covers much of what people associate with the 60’s era. The Festival now has a dedicated organising team, who have had a massive influence on the Festival’s continuing success.

Currently the following venues and events have confirmed for the Rossendale 60’s Festival 2017:

  • The Whitaker Museum and Art Gallery will be holding the Festival launch event on Friday 8th, and the ‘Whitstock’ music and culture event on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th
  • Bacup Cricket Club will be holding ‘Scoot Rossendale’ on Sunday 10th, which is expected to attract even more scooters than last year
  • Artisan in Rawtenstall will be staging music sets throughout the weekend, which will include live bands and DJ sets
  • The Crown Inn Bacup will be staging and event over the weekend with live music and DJ
  • The Boo Theatre will be holding a musical event based on 60’s protest songs from artists such as Bob Dylan and Donavan on Sunday 10th
  • TESCO will be supporting the Festival promotion activities
  • ASDA will be providing supporting to the Festival events

There has already been much interest from new venues to stage event for this years Festival. These are the new events currently:

  • Crawshawbooth Village Centre is planning a typical 60’s meal for Friday 8th at the Centre and a 60’s themed family fun day on Sunday 10th
  • St Mary’s Chambers is planning an event on Sunday 10th
  • An Anything Goes Clog Market will be held on Rawtenstall Town Square over the weekend
  • A meeting is being set up to discuss an event at Rawtenstall Conservative Club
  • The Hare and Hounds in Stacksteads are staging a 60’s event over the weekend
  • The Rawtenstall conservative Club will be getting into the 60’s groove
  • The Rose n Bowl in Stacksteads is planning a 60’s night of live music
  • Newchurch Village Community Association are on board with a community event based upon the theme of ‘In the 60’s….’, tapping into life in Newchurch in the 60’s era
  • The East Lancashire Railway are proposing the following additions to this years Festival which are to be confirmed:
    • They are looking to keep the 60’s theme just at our station at Rawtenstall
    • At Rawtenstall they are going to look at having 60’s themed beer (mainly 60’s theme beer names rather than beers that were drank in the 60’s)Looking at the availability of a 60’s bus which serves beer from it to be located at the station.
    • They are looking at having a brake van on each train which will feature local artists playing – some of which we are hoping can be 60’s themed.
    • They are looking at the possibility of an hourly shuttle from Bury to Rawtenstall running until around 23:00
    • They will ask their Marketing team to factor the 60’s Festival in their plans when they are promoting the Beer Festival to give us a mentions and also if we create a programme to hand out over the weekend we can look at getting something in there as well.
  • Radio Lancashire’s John Gilmore will be broadcasting his show from The Whitaker Museum on the afternoon of Friday 8th September. Guests from the many events and venues that make up the Rossendale 60’s Festival will be invited to appear to promote their events
  • Haslingden Community Link is planning a series of activities that celebrate the 60’s era and the Haslingden community on Saturday 9th September

Please contact us.

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